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Arduino Dock i2c Connection Problem

  • I used omega2+ with arduino dock. Few sensors connected on the digital and analog pins arduino dock and no problem good work. But i will try connect to dock i2c pressure sensor don't work. I read document omega, omega master i2c and arduino dock slave. How is possible i2c connect to arduino dock. Because sensor library on the arduino?

  • I2C peripheral devices connect to Arduino dock's I2C leads,
    are exposing themselves to Arduino ATMega328P processor and is handled by Arduino sketch.
    In another word, they belong to Arduino universe.

    Omega 2's MT7688 processor (or Omega 1's AR9331) communicates with that independent Arduino universe through machine to machine communication (Linux LEDE to Arduino) via serial communication channel.

    If you are thinking about putting those I2C peripheral devices directly on Omega 2's own I2C bus and using code in Omega 2 to read/write the values, that's a completely different story.


  • Thanks for your help ccs hello,
    On the arduino dock connected 3 analog sensor, 1 digital sensor, and 3 pwm motor, no problem arduino program works fine.
    When connect any I2C sensor on arduino dock first minute no problem(program running but i2c data no), program is locking later.
    And if I connect I2C sensor on omega SDA SCL and check omega screen "i2cget -y 0 0x68 0x00" no problem reply 0xc2 vs..
    if I connected I2c sensor different arduino uno or mega no problem works fine.

  • Isa,

    I am having the same problem. I have an arduino sketch that correctly reads the analog and serial data, but it is not receiving any data from the I2C sensors. I also tried reading the I2C sensors from the Omega using the command line, and that didn't work either.

    Anyone have any advice?

  • @Isa-Kaynar :
    I was able to fix my issue. I found what I was looking for here:

    Basically, I disabled the I2C pins on the Omega and that let the Arduino's I2C work correctly.

    There may be a way to make them both work at the same time, but I'm not smart enough to figure out how.


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