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Unable to find Onion AP Wifi network

  • Last week I was able to connect to the AP of my Onion and I was able to run it's setup so it connect's to the (Wifi) AP of my LAN

    Now today I turn on my onion and it does not advertise it;s AP, it does seem to boot but no Wifi activity. Nor does it connect to my LAN AP

    Is there a way to reset it to factory defaults?

  • Hi @Johan-Simons, The Omega probably is just having issue connecting to your router. the AP on the Omega is only broadcasted under two conditions, if it is successfully connected to a WiFi network, or if it's not connected to a WiFi network at all. Your Omega is probably configured to connect to a Wifi network, but isn't able to connect correctly, so it doesn't broadcast its AP either.

    The best way to reset it is to connect the Omega to your computer via serial connection, and use the wifisetup command to reconnect the Omega to your WiFi network.


  • Hi, I tried pressing the reset button for 10s and waited... now it is accessible via it's own AP. I reconfigured the wifi to connect to a different LAN AP and that also works.

    Maybe it was trying to connect to the first AP and waited for some timeout before turning on it;s own AP !?

    Anyway it's working now.

  • @Johan-Simons Yeah, we have a cron job called wifi-saint that runs every 5 minutes to detect if you are on configured to connect to a Wifi network but are unable to connect successfully. It will turn off the connection to the wifi network to enable AP in this case.

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