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Onion Omega 2+ NodeJS 24/7

  • Hi to all, i was wondering what is the best way to run onion omega and NodeJS script like 24/7 .
    I am using PM2 nodejs package on my laptop and its great (windows 10)

    Have somebody already done this? I want to run NodeJs script all the time with Onion Omega 2+
    What will be the best practice?

    I tried to install nodemon, pm2 but its just giving some errors like

    ==== JS stack trace =========================================

    Security context: 0x38724d59 <JS Object>
    2: resolve [url.js:426] [pc=0x377c8038] (this=0x4ab2aee5 <an Url with map 0x521750dd>,relative=0x387088a9 <String[1]: .>)
    3: resolve(aka urlResolve) [url.js:422] [pc=0x377c7e78] (this=0x2cc181e9 <an Object with map 0x5216d8b9>,source=0x4ab1aa0d <String[21]: //registry.npmjs.org/>,relative=0x387088a9 <String[1]: .>)
    4: toNerfDart(aka toNerfDart) [/usr/lib/node_modules/npm/lib/config/nerf...

    FATAL ERROR: CALL_AND_RETRY_LAST Allocation failed - process out of memory

    Thanks in advance

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