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Cannot install package - No space left on the device - microSD Help

  • Hi There, I just received my Onion Omega 2+ and started to configure everything. I was doing very well until arriving at the point of starting installing the python packages I will need. After some package installations, I received the terrible information that I could not install anything else because of the lack of available space. So I started looking for a solution, I found some information about using USB storage but since I have a 2+, I installed a 16G microSD card. I saw it at the file system. But my luck finished there. I tried to follow some guidance but I am very new to unix matters and at the end I could not expand the file system.
    Would you please help me on that? Thanks in advance and very best regards!

  • Documentation is available at https://docs.onion.io/omega2-docs/boot-from-external-storage.html (USB or microSD card boot), a workaround for a non-installable package can be found here.

  • Hi Maximillian, thanks for the information. I followed your directions and could make it work. It's not as simple as it should be, mainly for the ones like me that aren't unix specialists.
    Thank you very much!

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