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Uhttp pretty url, apache like followsymlinks (Rewrite rule/cond)

  • Greetings folks,

    been trying for this weekend to setup LAMP like environment on O2+ (with usb ext4-storage), after several trials and community's help found out that mysql-server packages are missing around but nothing special on that, there is sqlite3 thank God.

    Now I found out that I need the rewrite rules like the ones on apache that you define in the htaccess files for a site to get the pretty urls working, trying to achieve this because I embarked a laravel successfully on O2+, migrated the database and now stuck on the urls. This is the actual htaccess example of the L5.5 https://pastebin.com/7LnpjaWL

    Anybody got successful with this issue? or should I try to get uhttp replaced with apache?

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