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Regulator on breadboard dock

  • Does anyone know the part number of the regulator on the breadboard dock? I'm trying to find out about how much input voltage it can handle and also the pinout so I can bypass the USB connector. I can chase the pinout with a meter but the part number on my dock's regulator isn't visible.


  • @Scott-Sumner
    LD1117A manufactured (most probably) by UTC

    The full SMD marking of a device (on a Breadboard Dock what I've seen):

    LD1117AG : A 1A output current, G Green
    33A : 3.3V output voltage, A pin code 1 GND, 2 Vout, 3 Vin

    Absolute Maximum DC Input Voltage 18V - recommended max. 15V
    Vout 3.234...3.366 @ Vin 4.75...10V, Iout 0...1000 mA
    Dropout Voltage max. 1.30V @ Iout 1A
    Built-in current limit and over temperature protection - of course.

    Attention! I did not measure these data.
    The voltage rating of the SMD capacitor at Vin pin (on the Breadboard Dock) can be less than 18V .
    It's an analog regulator without heatsink - so you should watch also its thermal data / power dissipation if you increase the input voltage.

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