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On/off switches

  • Hi all.

    When I first saw the post about the on/off switches breaking I thought I would order some spares as someone found a replacement switch. My pack of 10 has turned up today after about 1 month from Amazon. As I only need 2 spares, I have the remaining spare and will offer them to others. Just send me a message, I will provide you with my postal address and then you can send me a letter with a return letter I will post back to you.

    I am only offering this to UK addresses as I don't know how you would buy a UK stamps from outside the UK.


  • Nice idea. Could you write down a bit about the technical specifications of the switch. Probably, it would be easier for persons who wanna fix it on their own, to get one.

  • This is the link to the switches. link text

    As I said, I did not find these so can't take the credit.

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