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Can i insert a SIM card on omega ?

  • Hello , i'm new here .
    Hope i'm in tge right place to ask my question.
    I wanna use omega for a project .
    My project is to create an omega with a SIM inside , when i send an SMS to the number inside an other SMS i will receive it with some information in a db .
    How can i make it ? Should i buy omega , omega2 , or omega2plus? Do i need a dock ?
    Thanks šŸ™‚

  • No SIM module/slot inside, of course.
    There are added on modules you can buy.
    I think Onion offers one (OEM.)

    A common solution is to get a SIM800L module (assuming your wireless carrier still support GSM/2G),
    wiring and powering it correctly:

    • power needs to be in between 3.7V - 4.2V, no exceptions
    • Tx and Rx direct into Omega2
    • find/compile the proper library for Omega2

    P.S. Omega2 needs a dock, unless you are experienced in makers


  • I realized a GSM module with Omega 2+, maybe this can help you:

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