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Omega Stuff for Sale

    • 2 (two) new mini docks (original version, not sure if there is even more than one version)
    • Original expansion dock
    • Original power dock
    • Original Omega that is stuck in a boot loop

    If my math is correct, $30 should be a pretty good deal, especially with free shipping to U.S. Happy to ship elsewhere if you pay.

    I made a lot of "aspirational purchases" via Kickstarter over the past few years, thinking I'd get into IoT. I finally did start tinkering recently, but quickly realized I have way more stuff than I'll ever make use of, and that I don't have the knowledge nor patience to do things like get Omegas out of boot loops. 🙂

  • @Jed-Wood I hope mine is the first offer.
    I am interested in it if the shipping cost to Hungary is not more than 10-20 USD.
    (So the total price would be max 50 USD - although 40 USD would be much better ;-).
    What do you think of it?

  • @György-Farkas I’ve never shipped anything to Hungary, but this would be a small and light package. Seems like it shouldn’t cost too much to ship(?) I’ll send you a DM.

    EDIT: Does this forum even have DMs? Please drop me an email to my first name at LimeChile.com

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