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My app in the Onion Console

  • Now that I've made some stuff on my Omega, I'd like to develop a nice web interface to interact with it. Of course, I can make my custom script listening on a custom port, but it would be cool to see my app appear in the Onion Console.

    Is there some guide, how to achieve this?

  • @Pavils-Jurjans We are working on a more detailed guide that shows you how to create apps that uses APIs from the Console. For now, here's a simple guide. You can create your own app on the console by going into /www/apps and make a copy of the directory onion-app-template to my-app. There is a file in the folder called app.json that defines the name of the app as well as if the icon should be showing on the Launcher. Then you should rename onion-app-template.html to my-app.html, and replace all occurrences of onion-app-template to my-app. All the logic will be defined in my-app.html. We are using a Framework called Polymer to create the apps.

    We will follow up with a more detailed tutorial on how to create and deploy apps once the App Store is out of private beta.


  • @Boken-Lin Hi! Is there any progress about adding guidelines for implementing custom console app? Thanks

  • @Michal-Pomykacz @Boken-Lin I'm also curious if there has been any updates on this?

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