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PHP IMAP extensions / CURL question

    1. I've been experimenting with interfacing with a gmail email inbox using PHP's IMAP functions. I've succeeded in getting it working on my shared hosting environment (which has a more robust PHP configuration), ... but it looks like I might need to have the PHP IMAP extension installed on the Omega2+ --- but that it might not exist for the particular Linux distro that's installed on it. So far I've tried all of the following ... but none of them have worked.

    opkg install php-imap
    opkg install php7-imap
    opkg install php7.0-imap

    Am I missing anything here? Or do these packages not exist for the Omega2+?

    1. I got my device registered and interfacing with the Onion Cloud, and am noticing that the Device Explorer spits out some CURL commands that serve as API calls. My question is .. how would I translate one of these CURL commands so that it can be run using a PHP script that can be run on my shared hosting environment?

    In other words, .. I don't have access to the command line on my shared hosting environment, and would like to be able to run these same CURL commands in a PHP script that get's served up as a web page. How would I go about doing that?

    • Yvan

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