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Onion Cloud - exec commands timing out?

  • I'm trying to run some "exec" commands via the Onion Cloud interface, and although I've succeeded in doing so, I'm encountering a consistent "timeout" of sorts, which is always about 3 seconds or so, and I have no idea why or how to change it.

    For example, .. I'm trying to run "espeak" text-to-speach program, and specifying a string of text for it to say by specifying it as a parameter ...

    Device Explorer >> file >> exec

    command = aplay
    params = ["This is the E speak text to speech engine. I can only talk for about three seconds for some reason even though it takes a few seconds longer than that just to say these couple of sentences."]

    Is there some other type of parameter or environment variable that I should also be specifying to somehow override this 3 second timeout value? If so, how do I do that?


    • Yvan

  • Did you get already answer?

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