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Fastest Serial Speed?

  • My development kits are en-route and I'm hoping to get an early start. What's the fastest async serial speed I can access via UART1 / UART2?

  • @John-Chapman According to the SoC's data sheet

    5.13 UART Lite
    5.13.1 Features
    − 2-pin UART
    − 16550-compatible register set, except for Divisor Latch register
    − 5-8 data bits
    − 1-2 stop bits (1 or 2 stop bits are supported with 5 data bits)
    − Even, odd, stick or no parity
    All standard baud rates up to 345600 b/s
    − 16-byte receive buffer
    − 16-byte transmit buffer
    − Receive buffer threshold interrupt
    − Transmit buffer threshold interrupt
    − False start bit detection in asynchronous mode
    − Internal diagnostic capabilities
    − Break simulation
    − Loop-back control for communications link fault isolation

    The default values on the Omega2(+)'s Serial Console/Terminal (UART0 ie. RX0, TX0) are:
    115200 8N1 (no flow control)

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