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Send data between two boards

  • Hi, guys. I have 2 boards ( Board A and board B, all they omega2+ ) and i was thinking about the possibility to send data from A ---- > B ??

    A case to use : I have a system with DHT22 sensor ( on my baby room) with leds to blink some decor clouds . I also have an Onion omega on my living room working as router with an oled who shows the wi-fi password for everyone. What is the best way or pratice to send the temperature data to my living room system ?

  • Can they be connected by a wire or are they too far apart? What are the exact requirements for the communication channel? Does it have to be extremely fast? Must it be lossless? Are they in the same local area network?

    If by-wire connection is possible, I would go for a simple 3-wire UART (TX,RX,GND).

    Else just use a common WiFi network and open a TCP server on B and a TCP client on A. In python that's like 15 lines of code. Using TCP gives you a reliable, connection-oriented communication channel. If you want to add security you can create SSL certificates and create a TLS tunnel instead of an unencrypted TCP connection. There's also UDP available as a datagram based, unreliable but fast way to communicate.

    If they are not in the same local area network you might want to look into MQTT and MQTT brokers. It's a quite popular "IoT" protocol these days.

  • Yes they are distant.
    Something around 3M and a wall in the way. I'll try out TCP because they are in the same network. Thank you for all informations , was very helpful.

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