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cross compiling - wanted full ncurses

  • hello Onion ,

    I have tried my attempt to get the cross compile environment setup,
    Many guides etc.

    I have the core compiled.

    Under the make menuconfig , I was able to set that up and I even found that the libncurses6.0 was modularized. Instead I opted to enable the whole thing (even if I have to use a SD card )

    So what is the process of getting a ipk file from this?

    -I have made the changes in the make menuconfig
    -ran make -j8
    -I have my /source as /home/user/repo/source
    -I see the build_dir/target-mipsel_24kc_musl-1.1.16

    What is the next steps on getting this larger package version to the Onion.

    I would love to see an example where someone took a linux package from sources and crosscompiled it instead of the simple C that we have as the example.

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