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Double mounting of SD card

  • Hey Onion owners,

    I have the Omega2p

    I have been working on getting the debian chroot to work seamlessly as a login shell.
    The issue so far is that the mount point for the chroot is not always ready via mountd (/var/run/mountd/mmcblk0p1)

    In my fstab I have the initial mount of /dev/mmcblk0p1 /all auto 0 1

    in my rc.local
    I have mount binds to /all/sys for /sys , /all/dev /dev and /all/proc /proc

    The issue is at some point the OS does a mountd (but not always at boot) and double mounts the card, confusing the Debian system regarding system calls to free and df.

    how can I disable the mountd or is there a better way to approach this.
    I am using debian since it offers the correct ncurses bins and tools i need.

    my .profile in root spawns up the chroot for debian and it works rather wellish (though no login yet)

  • I managed to disable the rc.d for mountd

    this fixed the issue.

    just a Heads up for anyone wondering whats going on with their cards auto mounting (when they setup a manual entry in fstab )

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