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Google Calendar and something more than a connected buzzer...

  • Hi everyone!
    I am thinking about starting a new project based on Omega2 and Google Calendar...
    What i am thinking about is some kind of "connected calendar", that automatically updates every half hour and displays the next events scheduled (name of event and date/time mostly).

    I have already worked with arduino and LCD Displays (and most of the input/output pheripherials you can connect to an atmega), so it's not really a problem for me to get the data displayed, the problem is how to actually make Omega2 check my calendar and get the data from the cloud...

    I always programmed arduinos and microcontrollers, so i'm new to IoT and other programming languages other than c, so i'm also searching for the best (and shortest) way to learn and get something up and working.

    Any advice? šŸ˜›

  • Hi Andrea

    Take a look at:
    Personally i prefer python or php.

    You can use crontabs to trigger the 30min event.

    I don't really have any expirence with the calendar api, so I can't give you an example.
    But I hope this may give u an idea on how to start.

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