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C/C++ libs and so on Omega Onion 2+

  • I have pretty simple and straightforward question.
    Where do I find all C/C++ libraries (in future references as libs) and shared objects (in future references as sos) currently installed on Omega Onion 2+?

    Little bit of context:
    I have installed SFTP, expanded file system to the SD card and installed gcc (and gdb and make). So I’m good to go for compiling some C++ (or C).
    Now, some functionality, like controlling I2C bus (and for example PWM expansion) might require some libs, linker sos, etc. And I would bet my life on the fact that I have to add some stuff there, so I can compile nice binary executable.
    And following noob question: imagine I’ve accomplished what I’ve just described. Now I want to put this binary to other Omega Onion 2+ (don’t worry, I know how to do that). Will that binary be able to run WITHOUT all the libs and sos? Just Omega Onion 2+, b160 FW, no SD, no gcc, no nothing.

  • @Unbioctian take a look at /usr/lib where the library shared objects are kept and /usr/include where the header files are kept. You'd notice some library objects do not have corresponded header files. The i2c C library is available for you and is called libonioni2c. The source code can be found in our GitHub repo. For more info on compiling C/C++ on the Omega please refer to our official documentation and i2c C Library

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