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  • I am trying to create ad Adhoc network between two Onions.
    I read a post http://community.onion.io/topic/201/adhoc-mesh-networking/5 about a similar topic but I am finding some problems.
    First of all, if I do 'ifconfig network_name' I can't see a network with the name I chose as he does in the post I linked.
    I understood that the Onion create a network called 'ra1', but every time I have to set up a static IP address, it doesn't use the one I wrote in the 'etc/config/network' file.
    How can I solve these problems?
    Then, in the post he wrote the same code on both Onions and then they connect. In my case this doesn't work, if I do in this way I can't ping from one Omega to the other, they basically don't connect.
    But if I create the network with one Omega and then connect my PC this works and I can 'ping' successfully.

    Does anyone know how to solve these problems and create a working Adhoc network?

  • I am confused, Cant you just have 1 onion as the AP and 1 onion as the Client and talk over http? I use Express in NodeJS to do this with a phone and onion but its the same concept.

  • I know that there are easier ways to connect two Onions but I am doing a dissertation and I have to create an Adhoc network for didattic purpose.
    Anyway, thank you for your adivice. If I won't be able to create a working adhoc net I would try other possibilities.

    Does anyone know how to do a working Adhoc network?

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