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Small guide to compile SMS Tools 3

  • Hi

    I want to do something fun with my Omega2, since i got a Cellular Expansion Board i was thinking a SMS-gateway could be fun. But as i don't want to make the whole SMS-software my self i wanted to use SMS Tools 3. It took me a while to get gcc installed as i needed to add the test repo for that, but i found that repo in a post here in the forum after a while with Google šŸ™‚

    So i wrote a guide on how to compile SMS Tools 3 on the Omega2 and also uploaded my compiled software to my own use later. Feel free to read the guide and come with updates if you feel i wrote something wrong! The goal with the guide is that i shall remember how to do it next time i need to do it. But if others have use for it that is nice.



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