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Serial communication between two omegas.

  • Hi guys,

    I have some communication problems with my omega. Here is a situation: I use one omega to communicate with another omega. UART1 of first one is connected to UART0 of another one. When I look on the serial output during boot, this is what I see:

      ____       _             ____
      / __ \___  (_)__  ___    / __ \__ _  ___ ___ ____ _
     / /_/ / _ \/ / _ \/ _ \  / /_/ /  ' \/ -_) _ `/ _ `/
     \____/_//_/_/\___/_//_/  \____/_/_/_/\__/\_, /\_,_/
     W H A T  W I L L  Y O U  I N V E N T ? /___/"
    Board: Onion Omega2 APSoC DRAM:  128 MB
    relocate_code Pointer at: 87f60000
        j�n]Vk��rY�-���,��YWk� Z����r
                                     CVˑ ��X.K]�5T��2Y
                                                      �*��HUK�i��   �d�(�   ��i����a]��e��Z�˵e���H��=�O���=O��K�j��-K�j��Z-K�j��-K�j��Z-K�j��Z-K�j�� �C��j���8�A ��K�5�Kr�nY%��%5 ���o�Y�� L&&�J�t.J�ݥd��HL��D%
                                                                                                     5 �].��@bZ��D��a��[V��y��L&5     y�Y.�dŅs�����o�Y�� *U
                                                        �e�j� L'$S��Q�mY�ӓ���`5�C���z=O���z=O���=O���z=O���z=OZ���� ��:M&&    ��y.����i�Y.�3��K]��l��MӲ)5d���� ��:�M  ��y.����i�Y.�3��K]��l�&ӓ)�U$��q�O�Ӫ�5�Z�C��i[,W�
                                                                                                            ԕ�o�^��K� O�&5�y�Y.�$U�e��Z�M���ၠHVI��I�ZW+�i�Z�M���၎PR
                �i�� ��C%IR��T*��J%IR��*��%IR��T*��J%IR��T
                                                          C�HԤj�o��SZ�� ����F�X.
                                                                                r= �Q��IE�U�I�4�    �o�Z�i[�V
    �f1�S��2��LK�-��x��Zk�r��H\,���P1��LM&&�        �mJ�.W��s�K&SH���`.�S��� ��LN&� �n[�pZk�r��H���d����rY�Wk� �Z
       ��Pi+¥��r��g��� �W
                         ��� �YWk� ��LN&�   �n[5
                                                +           r��8M��j�kK�W
                                                                         ���`5��L   �m��Q.�K��p��^-�sY�n    ��vY�W��i�ցbX����[��HH&I���e4W����a��HN�z��j5��Y�˕r��MH�K�s��R��
                                              ���0��L,      )�q�O$&b���sY%�u��O$����a)�Z.R)���`AC�[    0.315704] console [ttyS0] enabled
    [    0.315704] console [ttyS0] enabled
    [    0.322701] bootconsole [early0] disabled
    [    0.322701] bootconsole [early0] disabled
    [    0.331373] 10000d00.uart1: ttyS1 at MMIO 0x10000d00 (irq = 29, base_baud = 2500000) is a 16550A
    [    0.340872] 10000e00.uart2: ttyS2 at MMIO 0x10000e00 (irq = 30, base_baud = 2500000) is a 16550A
    [    0.351461] spi-mt7621 10000b00.spi: sys_freq: 193333333
    [    0.361493] m25p80 spi32766.0: using chunked io (size=31)
    [    0.366990] m25p80 spi32766.0: w25q256 (32768 Kbytes)
    [    0.372207] 4 ofpart partitions found on MTD device spi32766.0

    At the beginning, everything is ok. When Omega switches to 87f60000, I see garbage. After that, when bootloader finishes its job and passes control to the kernel, I see normal output again.

    My best bet is missing terminfo definitions. This is what is present on the system:

    # ls -R /usr/share/terminfo/
    a  d  l  r  s  v  x
    rxvt          rxvt-unicode
    vt100  vt102
    xterm           xterm-256color  xterm-color

    However, I have no idea what terminal definition should I use to read correct output from the Omega's bootloader. Can you help?

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