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Captive Portal : redirect user to home page url

  • Hello

    It's somebody can help me to make a Captive portal ?
    Like on open wifi access (like starbuck or bus-lines) it is possible to make the OnionOmega redirect user's web requests (connected to the AP) to a welcome page ?
    If the client try to connect to any webpage it is redirected to a home page...
    Not necessary a CGU (or accept termes page) but to a specyfic web page url.
    I know OpenWrt can do this (like on piratebox/bibliobox mini routers)...
    I supose it is necessary to modify the DNS somewhere...

    Context : am working on a websocket app (nodejs+socket.io running on my desktop PC), I want to help the client to acces to the app (http://ip:port) on first connexion (but this is an other story/topic).

    Thanks with a Big ā¤

  • @Vincent-Bonnefille T

    They released a Blog article discussing this very thing yesterday, May 1st šŸ™‚
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    Blog Link @ https://onion.io/2-bullet-tuesday-edition-66/

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