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kmos usb modules for working with usb internet things

  • Re: Cannot satisfy dependencies for kmod-usb-net-rndis

    Hi guys, onioneers, developers!
    I would like to mention here again some really interesting/important notes: the kmod-usb packages and these meanings.
    In my opinion Onion products are really amazing things and we can achieve our infinite number of goals with them.
    But recently I faced with some missing features: in other words missign kernel modules.
    As I can see this would be a really great improvement that we can distribute wifi from USB modems (perhaps getting internet from a smartphone via USB tethering)...
    I know the goal of the Omegas is to attach real-world things (like temperature etc...) to the internet via GPIO but this would be really a great thing and I think lot of people would be happy with its support.
    In my opinion if you compile these modules (the common, basic root cause of this kernel module issues is the "kmod-usb-net-cdc-ether" module).
    I hope you will assign some time for these kind of usage too and help us there.
    Thank you

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