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Vintage Serial Terminal Turned Computer Powered by Onion

  • Finally Finished the project:

    Serial terminal: Hazeltine Esprit (HL 1094)

    Inputs Serial RS232 over DB25

    Required special Terminal file in Terminfo

    -DB25 Male Header for breadboards
    -Onion Omega2+
    -Micro SD card
    -Line Driver Max232CPE
    -Vregulator LD33V (3.3v regualtor rated for 800ma)

    By combining the Retro terminal project Ideas and the Debian Installation project. I have a system that can boot into debian via Chroot.

    -Onion is setup with the Breadboard Breakout wings from OSHpark

    Stealing a 5V tap from the keyboard decoder chip (pin 8 and 16). I can drop the 5V to 3.3v and power the onion.
    If your onion crashes after flashing during boot. make sure you have the right Vregulator (LM33 won't do)

    Set the environment to Export the TERM=hz1552
    and SSH to any other host works like a charm, VI and Nano too

    The only Drawback is being Chrooted to Debian, I can't set the Wifi with the wifisetup script.

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