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Export Wifi Login tool to other SBCs

  • Is it possible to export the tool of the omega2 for the register wifi without ethernet to other SBCs like the Raspberry Pi 3? Does that kind of tool have a name?

  • @Pablo-Oyarzo I'm intrigued by your question, but have to admit I don't fully understand it. Perhaps someone in a day or so could nail your question with a terrific answer. Otherwise, could you restate it?

    I ask as this may be something I, and perhaps others, may be willing to collaborate with you on developing if not such solution already exists.

    take care!

  • @William-Scott Thank you for your great response we need more people like you on the internet.

    First of all, sorry for not explaining myself enough or at least not the best I could've.


    In summary, I would like the setup wizard as a tool to use it in other SBCs like the RPi.

    Plug RPi
    The RPi creates a Wifi Network
    You enter to the network
    Put the credentials for the Wifi you want the RPi to connect
    The RPi turns off its wifi network and tries to log to the new one.

    Something along the lines of that. I think it should exist, but I don't know if that kind of process has a specific name which I can use to look around.

    Ideally, I should work or thought to work on Linux computers (as most SBCs have some version of Linux available), this is kinda colors but yeah, some redundancy isn't bad sometimes.

    Thank you again for your response.

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