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  • Greetings,

    As a kick starter contributor, I've been intrigued by the Onion since its beginnings, now that i finally have one in my hands, I've officially fallen in love... To the point where my first project is an industrial automation control and monitoring device for a mission critical application at work... <Yes i will report back as to how well it handles the HELL i'm about to put it through.... >

    However, I've ran into a head scratcher, and its purely a hardware issue. The OnionOmega2 is an AMAZINGLY powerful and small platform but if i want to use any of the Expansions, i have to use a dock, and all of the docks that support the "expansion connector" DOUBLE the footprint of the onion.... Which to be blunt, in my opinion, is dumb... Additionally the use of a "non-standard" pin-spacing on the onion itself while justifiable to maintain its small form-factor. goes to even further complicate its integration...

    Personally I'd love to see something like the Proto Expansion released, with the "Onion Jacks" on it.. Leaving the pins Via's available for prototyping, But also have possibly either solder-bridgeable or cuttable traces that plumb the Onion pins over to the standard Dock-Expansion connector. So someone could use the same plug on modules available <like the Ethernet Expansion and/or relay expansion, but strip out the serial and feed it elsewhere to the outside world. .. <Admins-Founders, If you would like more detail with this idea feel free to email me i'd love to help>

    Fantastic product Dev-Team! i love this thing and i cant wait to make it do amazing things. BRAVO!

    Thanks for your time.
    Geeky907 <Mike>

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