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Omega2+/power dock 2 and USB power issue

  • I have a very bizarre situation. I can only get the Omega2+ / Wifi to work when my power dock2 is powered only from the battery. The moment I plug in a USB power source, the module's amber LED turns off. Power cycling (using the power button) does not bring the module back to life. If I unplug the USB source and power cycle again, the module works properly and the Wifi connection to my home network comes up. Every time.

    I am obviously talking about the micro USB connector.

  • @Claude-Robitaille It can be a simple USB power problem too - maybe it is not able to provide enough current.
    Try another PC / USB charger / USB power supply or another USB cable.

  • Ok, that worked.

    I never suspected the wall powered USB hub not to be able to deliver the needed power to the Omega. Probably a cheap hug from unknown brand...( i used the same cable, so it is not it).

    Also, I never suspected the battery controller not to be able to merge the power from the battery and the USB. Not very useful. Also, more than likely, when there is power outage the switch will most certainly cause a hiccup and a reboot of the CPU. This raises a couple of questions:

    • regardless of the dock and it power circuitry, is there any form a reliable brown out detector and "corrector"?
    • what about watchdog, there was a question on this list but nobody answered?
    • how can you expect this to work years of unattended operation?

  • @Claude-Robitaille said in Omega2+/power dock 2 and USB power issue:

    • how can you expect this to work years of unattended operation?

    I will second this. As someone who purchased the Omega for business use and potential deployment to customers I am very concerned with a number of issues on a product that has been out for 3 years.
    Interesting to see a reply to this as the reliability of this product so far is not looking great.

    Note! This is not a dig at onion, but more stating the facts.

  • @Jake-Fulford did yo manage to create a product grade solution with the Omega? I put my project on the back burner for a while but now I am back at it. I guess some external watchdog + power cycling circuit is needed but I am just wondering if you thought of something.

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