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RFID\NFC Expansion: Which cards are better?

  • I need information about the 13.56 Mhz Mifare cards used with the RFID\NFC expansion. I want to know if some cards are "better" than others in terms of the reader more easily being able to read the card. If so, what specifications do I need to look for to choose the card that will be most easily read?

  • @Christopher-Bunnell I did a little research and the card you select will impact the robustness of readability and amount of data you can write to the card. I did find a demonstration of several tags and the NTAG213 was picked up from a distance of 3.5 CM from a reader which was the best performing tag in this test. The Mifare Ultralite was the poorest performing in terms of needing to be .5 CM from the reader to be read.

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