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Copying files with RSYNC, bat Permission denied

  • I try to copy the file using rsync, but when I enter $rsync root/file USER@IP_device, the terminal writes Permission denied. Previously, this was not. I've extended my Omega's file system using the Micro SD card recently, maybe the problem is because of this? Tell me what to do.

  • Here are the first several lines from the rsync man page on an Ubuntu system:

           rsync - a fast, versatile, remote (and local) file-copying tool
           Local:  rsync [OPTION...] SRC... [DEST]
           Access via remote shell:
             Pull: rsync [OPTION...] [USER@]HOST:SRC... [DEST]
             Push: rsync [OPTION...] SRC... [USER@]HOST:DEST
           Access via rsync daemon:
             Pull: rsync [OPTION...] [USER@]HOST::SRC... [DEST]
                   rsync [OPTION...] rsync://[USER@]HOST[:PORT]/SRC... [DEST]
             Push: rsync [OPTION...] SRC... [USER@]HOST::DEST
                   rsync [OPTION...] SRC... rsync://[USER@]HOST[:PORT]/DEST
           Usages with just one SRC arg and no DEST arg will list the source files
           instead of copying.

    Looks to me like your destination isn't complete. How about "USER@IP_device:path_to_dest_file"? Try that and see if it works or you get a differing error message.


  • @William-Scott
    Thanks, I found a few of my mistakes and successfully fixed it.

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