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uboot serial console; fatload usb 0:1 0x80800000 img.bin

  • I am trying to get familiar with uboot using an omega2+

    But I cannot flash a new image, via the serial console.

    uboot version: 1.1.3

    #erase image in flash 
    erase linux
    #read flash to check image has been erased
    spi read 0x500000 0x1fb0000
    #Load new image from USB
    usb reset
    fatls usb 0:1
    fatload usb 0:1 0x80800000 img.bin
    md.b 0x80800000 512

    I'm not sure about what I do next.

    cp.linux 0x80800000
    Copy linux image[403324944 byte] to SPI Flash[0x00050000]....

    but then I get the command prompt again, straightaway. When I read the spi 0x50000 address it is empty.

  • @christian-lacdael Have you ever resolved this issue?

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