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Multiple WIFI configurations in /etc/config/wireless possible?

  • Assuming I have two WIFI networks, one at home, one at work. How do I set up the Onion to automatically connect to the one that is available?

    So far I tried to add multiple configurations in /etc/config/wireless, however this did not work at all. The Onion sees the network, tries to connect, but it fails:

    [ 1572.620000] wlan0-1: authenticate with 00:24:fe:58:73:04
    [ 1572.640000] wlan0-1: send auth to 00:24:fe:58:73:04 (try 1/3)
    [ 1572.650000] wlan0-1: 00:24:f e:58:73:04 denied authentication (status 12)

    There is an oddity that might be connected:
    When commenting out one or more configs which are not currently needed with a # in front of each line and issue "wifi" on the shell, the Onion connects to the WIFI network, and everything is fine.
    However when the specified WIFI network is not available, the access point which the Onion provides does not come up. This only happens when I have commented out configurations in my /etc/config/wireless.

    Obviously I an doing something wrong here, but shouldn't the build-in access point should come up anyway?

    Running firmware 0.0.5 (b233)

  • Hi @Achim-Sack, we are working on this feature right now. It should be available for the next Console release. Please stay tuned!

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