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Kudos to the team

  • I'm super excited after playing with my Omega now for a day or two. Even without the wrappers for Python and other support it's been very easy to use and I'm excited about what's going to be developed by the community and what I can figure out šŸ™‚

    You guys have done an amazing job on developing the Omega to be extremely robust and stable to use, IMHO you have focused on the right things in getting the base board and everything running so reliably and stable and then work on enhancements and additions to the UI/packages/other support.

    I'm so glad I backed this kickstarter, I think I'm going to be getting quite a few more omega's to play with and use!!!

  • Thank you for your support Robert! We are all super glad that you like it! šŸ˜„

  • Hi Robert,

    I fully agree with you. In my head are some ideas already as well, hopefully I'll find the time soon to make them come true.
    And I think I'll need some more expansions. And Omegas. I've to say that I'm very happy to have backup up this project. It was the first project I've ever backed up and it couldn't have gone any better.


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