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Install Console on other devices

  • I'm wanting to try the console on other devices besides the OnionOmega, is there going to be any documentation on installing it on non-Onion Omega deviecs?

  • @John-Unland Right now we don't have any documentation on installing the Console on other devices because all the backend code are designed specifically for the Omega. We may work on a version for other devices such as the Raspberry Pi in the future.

  • @Boken-Lin Sorry about the long wait for a reply... After tinkering around with the cross-comp tutorial I've tried to build a docker container however I keep getting a exec error. I think this is because of the different arch (AR7xxx running on a x86 container) Haven't been able to compile the / load the onion packages using x86 settings. I am able to get a working image but it can't pull down the onion updates because there is no onion packages compiled for x86. šŸ˜•

    Is there a way to just compile the onion packages manually for other archs?

  • Hi @John-Unland, sorry for the late reply. So you are trying to compile the Onion packages for x86? If the packages are compiled, they should be automatically loaded into the firmware, so if you are not seeing them, it could mean that you simply forgot to select them during the menuconfig process. Also, did you add the Onion packages into the feed?

  • @Boken-Lin That' s alright! Yes I am trying to compile the onion packages for x86. I've followed the steps provided in the docs, but just specified x86 instead of the ARM arch. I'm pretty sure I added the packages to the feed. Is there a way to just compile the packages seperatly without appending them to the compressed kernel image?

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