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configuration specifics for IPv6 global unicast address (GUA)

  • Hi!
    I posted a message a few weeks ago related to this topic. There were many readers of the topic, but no responders. Interesting....

    Within days I'm going to design a sensor data and status reporting regime for field deployed Omega2+ (O2+) devices. Implementation would shortly follow.

    It seems every device I run in my house (office is at house as well) will come up with a IPv6 GUA address, with the exception of the O2+ devices. What is the significance of this? Every device (desktops, telephones, RPi's and others) come up globally routeable. I can sit at the pub (not that I ever do that) and ssh into the Pi or one of the Linux servers using a IPv6 address with total disregard to the IPv4 NAT reality of most home and office environments. The O2+ devices are not automatically generating IPv6 GUA addresses and are therefore cannot be routed to from the outside of a NAT environment.

    What config parameters need to be changed, and in which files, to "encourage" the O2+ devices to compute their IPv6 GUA addresses?


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