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Clarifications on the Bluetooth Speaker project tutorial

  • A few questions about the project here: https://docs.onion.io/omega2-project-book-vol1/bluetooth-audio-speaker.html

    • In the BOM it says "We found the Power Dock especially useful". I fail to understand why the Power Dock would be any more useful than the Mini Dock for this project. What is it that I don't see?
    • The BOM also says to use a Onion Bluetooth Expansion. Is there any reason it would have to be an Onion BLE expansion or would any USB-BLE-adapter work?
    • How would you power this thing? How about this for a on-the-go solution:
      • Power the ghettoblaster from batteries (either internal or from external LiPo)
      • Use a Mini Dock
      • Power the Mini Dock from ghettoblaster through buck/boost converter for 5V and micro USB cable
      • A 2-port USB hub would be enough (as listed in the BOM).

    Is there any indication how much power this whole package (Omega, BLE adapter, USB audio adapter) will draw?

  • No feedback from Onion in 30d? Pity.

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