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[:-( RESOLVED ;-)] The RESET BUTTON does not work on FW v0.2.0 b194

  • @Lazar-Demin The RESET BUTTON does not work on Omega2(+) with FW v0.2.0 b194 if the GPIO12 (the TX0 pin) is "empty".

    In other words

    • neither the short nor the long press of the RESET BUTTON does anything
      on the Arduino Dock 2 and the Breadboard Dock
    • the BUTTON works if a Serial-to-USB (eg. FTDI232, CP210x) module / cable is connected to UART0 (TX0 and GND)
      on the Arduino Dock 2 and the Breadboard Dock
    • I suppose it should work on the Expansion Dock and the Minidock v.2 due to the on-board USB-to-Serial chip
      (I doesn't have such genuine Onion Docks.)

    Probably this bug is not related severely only to the GPIO12 because the RESET BUTTON works on the Power Dock.

  • @Lazar-Demin Please forget what I wrote. I was wrong. 😞

  • @Lazar-Demin I've made an unforgettable error (a "medical malpractice" ;).
    I've disconnected the USB-to-Serial module but forgot to remove the wires from TX0 and RX0.
    The forgotten ~20 cm / ~8" long wire on RX0 operated as a perfect antenna.

    I really do apologise, didn't meant to cause a disturbance in the Force. 😉

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