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PowerDock 2 very unstable

  • Hey guys,

    A few weeks ago, I've bought two kits for testing purpose. One of my PowerDocks 2 seems to be very unstable. It continuously "shutdowns" the Omega2 on it after a few minutes. There's a 3.7v battery connected to it.

    Do you think it's an hardware problem or software? Is there a way to fix that?

    Thank you

  • Beta Tester

    @Nick-B that's very unusual. I assume you've swapped the batteries and the Omega2's if you have 2 sets? If that is the case then you've ruled out the battery and the Omega2, so it must be a damaged Power Dock 2? Did you try all of those combinations?

  • I've tested both batteries. There's an audible clicking sound in sync with the charging leds. The sound seems to be an electrical short, I need to be at around 12 inches to hear it.

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