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Recommended way to configure parameters and run a script?

  • Hi Onioneers,

    I'm using the Omega2+ for a GoPro Pan/Tilt setup to be used for long timelapse photography while out hiking (i.e. no internet connection).

    I'd like to be able to configure a few settings (pan/tilt speeds, start/stop, direction, etc.), then kick off the run using my cell phone connected to the Omega's WiFi.

    Any recommendations for this?

    A few initial thoughts on my end:

    1. Use the Web Console to edit a settings file (bad)
    2. Create a Webpage (probably PHP since this is what I'm most familiar with) (not great)
    3. Ideally create a Onion Omega "App" on the main screen (maybe best, but unsure how difficult, haven't seen any tutorials yet.)

    Thank in advance!

  • I've just starting digging through all the Community posts, just came across this, which might be helpful for my 3rd option:

  • @Chris-Zeh-0 The quick tutorial here is definitely outdated. There doesn't appear to be a template app. However, I did just copy/paste and rename the PWM app, which should get me going.

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