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How to create myomega.local and bind to DHCP IP ?

  • Hi Guys,

    My aim is to access omega over domain name because on every restart of omega it may get different IP from router, so I may not trust on the IP. That's why I need domain name which can bind DHCP IP and I'll not care about the IP assigned to the omega, I'll directly access using the domain name (myomega.local). Consider I'm not using, as its already used for other purpose, connecting multiple device at this end.

    Their are lot of things I got on google, but not the specific. Please suggest me the steps to achieve this.

    Actually I'm working on mqtt broker, and I want to start broker on myomega.local, so that I can connect to the broker using domain name not by IP which change every time.


  • Did you ever figure this out? I think if you just want a server running, install the latest firmware, and you have one running. Connect your omega to a local wifi network, and you have a .local available address on your subnet. I do this as I use an Omega2 as my MQTT server for my local network. I changed my hostname to mosquitto and now through my network via the web console app and I can connect to this server using mosquitto.local from other hosts. It doesn't take a lot of setup.

    Or, was your question related to something else?

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