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How to run NodeJS?

  • So, you've said that it's full Linux environment and we can even run NodeJS on it. It turned out that I can not install a lot of libraries to run it because there is no apt-get command. I've tried to install npm via opkg but failed. What did I wrong?

  • @Vitalii-Korsakov Well, it's not a full-stack Linux environment. However, you can run Node.js on the Onion using the command:

    opkg update
    opkg install nodejs

    Note, this version it will install is v0.10.5. The V8 engine is still unsupported in this architecture.

    As far as getting node packages installed, it is best to install them on your host system (I run a Mac) and then copy them over to the Onion. My approach to this is to perform the install via NPM, zip the entire directory up and upload it to Dropdox. From there, I can perform a WGET on the Onion to retrieve the zip file.

    Note that many if not all modules that have compiled binaries will not run on the Omega. If the module is strictly Javascript-based, then it should run no problem.

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