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(2 x ADC) + (2 x Relay) stackable?

  • Hi i would like to make a fully functioning hydroponic system
    it states 2x ADC are stackable but is 2xADC + 2 x relay stackable? this is my preference

    if not is 1x ADC + 1xRelay stackable ? as i will split, one omega running air/light, the other running water control and ph etc

    Would like to achieve
    analogue measuring air temperature, water temperature, ph level water (uses 2 x analog) , humidity, water level
    relay control fan, 2x lights, water pump, 2 x Peristaltic pumps

    possibly something i have missed

    most good examples of fully functional hydroponic controllers use arduino mega or similar
    i have an omega2+ as well as most expanisons needed ( i will need to buy an ADC )
    so was looking to utilize what i have


  • @Shanan-Clark Yes. Theoretically you could build a "beautiful" Onion Omega Tower using

    • an Expansion Dock or a Power Dock or an Arduino Dock 2 (and an Omega2(+) of course)
    • and two (2) ADC Expansions - with 2 x 4 single ended (0..+5V) or 2 x 2 differential (-5V..+5V) analog inputs in total
      I2C addresses 0x48..0x49
    • and eight (8) Relay Expansions with 8 x 2 relay outputs in total
      I2C addresses 0x20..0x27

    BTW I can imagine a little bit better (more robust) mechanical structure than that stacked tower since there are only five (5) connections / wires between these Expansions and the Dock - or even a bare Omega2(+) - namely the +5v, +3.3V, GND and the I2C SCL, SDA lines.

    Good luck!

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