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Omega 1 docs?

  • Is there an archived version somewhere? I've looked and found that https://wiki.onion.io/Home now lead to 404.

    I have a fairly simple project that I want to build (Oxygen analyzer), I just need the Omega to act as micro controller. The project is literally just read value from sensor via ADC, and then display the value (maybe via oled, or simple 4 digit 7 segment). Since the O2 sensor is very expensive ($50-80), I'd like to save money on everything else.

    I already own the Omega 1 with mini dock and arduino dock from the original kickstarter that I never used. If anyone could point me where I can use the Omega1 as arduino? (even with arduino IDE, I don't mind that)

    Or I'm looking at the wrong thing here? from the first launch it seems that the Omega is a lot closer to a Pi than a micro controller?

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