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Arduino Dock Serial Communication

  • I know that the main communications between the Omega and the Arduino is through I2C. This is actually a pretty slick way of doing it. However, sometimes, I just want something quick and dirty to get output from the Arduino - serial communications.

    While combing through the community forums, I found small references to using the screen command, and how the Omega is supposed to be connected to the Arduino serial pins 0 and 1. I tried to use both screen and minicom to communicate to /dev/ATH0 and /dev/ttyS0. ATH0 gives me a blank screen with no output. ttyS0 outright fails (as I think I should expect).

    Is there something I'm missing? Is I2C currently the only cross-board communication option?

    Thank you

  • Hi @Curtis-Ireland, yeah, I2C is currently the only cross-board communication because the serial on the Omega is used by serial terminal. Theoretically it is possible to have the two boards communicate using serial, but that requires a few things: 1) The Omega needs to be physically connected to the Omega via serial, currently they are not connected. 2) Serial output on the uboot needs to be disabled. and 3) Linux kernel needs to be modified to disable serial terminal.

    If you want to communicate between the two boards using the way you've outlined in your post, the easiest way might be to use a USB to serial board. I understand that it would be quite silly to require an USB-to-serial while the Omega itself comes with serial on-board. For future versions of the Omega we will look to using a SoC with two on-board serial interfaces.

    I hope thins answers your question.


  • Seems clear enough. It just means I now have to stop putting off learning how to use I2C communications.

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