Get Wifi RSSI Instead of signal strength in percentage

  • Is it possible to get RSSI Values of wifi hotspots?
    the usual solution I found online is through "ubus" command like this:
    ubus call onion wifi-scan "{'device':'ra0'}\

    I have a project that specifically needs the RSSI signal.
    To be specific, I'll be comparing the fetched signal to the signal my android app produces.

    Hoping anyone can help me out. I'm using this for my Thesis.

  • I don't understand, is that method not good / fast enough? The ubus call onion wifi-scan "{'device':'ra0'}" command will scan and dump the RSSI value of every AP in range in dBm.

    root@Omega-C465:~# ubus call onion wifi-scan "{'device':'ra0'}"
            "results": [
                            "channel": "1",
                            "ssid": "XXXXXXXXXXXX",
                            "bssid": "YYYYYYYYYYY",
                            "cipher": "AES",
                            "encryptionString": "WPA1PSKWPA2PSK",
                            "encryption": "psk2",
                            "signalStrength": "0",
                            "wirelessMode": "11b\/g\/n",
                            "ext-ch": "ABOVE",
                            "rssi": "-93"

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