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noob question on node JS and Blynk

  • Quick question I keep getting this error ( missing ";" before statement) and I've followed all the info on Javascript I can find. can someone tell me or show me my error in my code below please and thanks? it all worked before I put the if statement in and it is lines 10 and 12 that have this error??


    I'm trying to get the led on the expansion board to go Green while I press the button in Blynk and back to red when not pressed ?? Anyone know if this syntax is way off ?

  • No one? With all the people here in this forum no one can help?

  • What does expled evaluate to? How is the statement `return expled 0x178c05:´ valid? Returning more than one value? Returning space separated expressions doesn't seem valid.

    Also there are double paranthesis on in if((v1.on)) Which is weird since v1.on is a function, not a boolean member variable..

  • @Maximilian-Gerhardt

    expled=the led on the expansion board and this script runs a virtual key press in Blynk, I was trying to get the led to turn on and show a colour for the press and then show another colour when not pressed ?? I take it this is way off ?

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