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MPD /MPC on Version 0.2.1 b198

  • I would like to setup an internet radion on my Onion using MPD/MPC. MPD installed without any problems, however, MPC returned "unknown package". Is this available? What repository should I use?

  • In file /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf remove all # from all lines.


    opkg update
    opkg install mpc

    I'm working on same project and have another problem. I can not play radio stream. MPC says ERROR: Failed to decode http://icecast6.play.cz/radio1-128.mp3.m3u. I can play single mp3 file from URL but not mp3.m3u file. Can you do that?

  • Thank you for the advice.
    Did as you suggested and MPC installed without problem.
    I have no problem loading and playing a radio stream.

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