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Onion Code editor password

  • Hi guys,
    I have forgotten password for code editor in onion omega 2+
    help please ...

  • @Ammar-Assad Codiad (ie. the Code Editor of OnionOS) has no built in password recovery method.
    You can find your account in the /www/apps/oos-app-code-editor/data/users.php file.
    As may be expected the password is hashed.

    You should read this note: Reset Codiad password. (I haven't tried it yet. 😉

    Edit the 'users.php' file. For example - you can use
    '55c3b5386c486feb662a0785f340938f518d547f' HASH for 'password' password or
    '21f3499e1e8bb6748b56225f4b9fd9078be6262c' HASH for 'onioneer' password.

    Good luck.

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