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Pylife IoT gadget, I want one with an Omega2 inside

  • Something like this with an Omega2 inside would be amazing. It might have to be a bit bigger, and it might have to use more power, but it would be comparatively so much more useful. I have a dozen projects for smart sensors for my boat that would be perfectly supported by something like that.

    I'm sure this community has enough collective skills to design it. But is there enough interest to make it happen?

  • It has a 420 mAh (3.7V) rechargeable battery inside.
    With Omega2's power consumption, it will drain very, very fast.

  • @ccs-hello

    Yes, the power requirements for the Omega2 are much higher, that's one reason I said the package would have to be bigger, to hold a bigger battery. I personally think it would still be useful if it only had a single day's run capacity as well.

    I'm most interested in the combination of a battery, a wireless charger, a touch screen all in a compact case. I wouldn't want the watertight case, because I'd want some kind of access to interface ports for connecting to things. It might be possible to do that with some kind of watertight connector, though.

    I think of the key potential as an instrument connector gadget, where each person adapts it to their needs by connecting their instrument and writing the monitoring code, then connecting it to the standard network stuff. Like maybe via the SignalK NMEA multiplexer, or some other broadly used IoT type infrastructure.

    In that role, a larger size would not be a significant problem.

  • Sorry, I think addressing the root cause would be my suggestion, not by throwing a bigger battery.

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