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Reboot, poweroff, halt cmd do nothing!!

  • Hi all,

    the reboot, poweroff or halt commands do nothing. No log in dmesg and logread. Tested with the EXP DOCK. See

    BusyBox v1.26.2 () built-in shell (ash)

    Ω-ware: 0.1.10 b160

    root@Omega-9B70:~# reboot
    root@Omega-9B70:~# halt
    root@Omega-9B70:~# poweroff

    but force reboot (reboot -f) work as expected.

    What is wrong?

  • But on the another Omega the reboot cmd work normal. (Ω-ware: 0.2.1 b199) and still another doesn't work. Ω-ware: 0.1.10 b160.

  • @Zerog As you know before v0.1.7 b142 reboot did not work at all.
    For example @Mikael-Djurfeldt wrote on 7 Jan 2017, 18:25

    When I try to reboot the system using the command reboot, I get a shutdown instead, and have to use the physical switch to power-cycle in order to start the Omega2 again.

    @Lazar-Demin wrote on 13 Jan 2017, 05:30 in Omega2 reboot

    Reboot is fixed as of b142, changelog coming soon

    Since then reboot works but halt or poweroff also reboots Omega2(+).

    @Lazar-Demin wrote on 17 Jan 2017, 23:22

    The nature of the kernel patch to enable rebooting seems to have this side-effect... How essential are the halt or poweroff commands for your workflows?
    Btw, I will be submitting a Pull Request to LEDE for the reboot kernel patch soon, will update you when it's in.

    I think he has already done this... [Resolved] ?! 😉

    PS. reboot works on 0.1.10 b160 - please check it again.

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