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PCIe bus

  • I understand the hardware has support for a PCIe expansion bus. Does the embedded OS support loading standard linux drivers for conventional pcie boards? If so, how straight forward is it to build a custom kernel driver for this environment?

  • @Dave-Smith

    The IC MT7688 does have PCIe leads, however, AFAIK, these signals are not exposed in the Omega2 module.

  • I'm looking at pages 7 & 10 of Omega2S-Datasheet-v1.2.pdf.

  • Ah....

    This is not the first time, topics came out and end up to be an Omega2S related subject.

    (And only in recent days, the 2S can be purchased in low quantity,
    but still the dev board costs quite a bit.
    The alternative is for a design house commits to go that route to layout its own board with 0.05 inch pitch footprint for 2S.)

    I.e., if the OP stated 2S is the target, I would have never bothered to respond. Sorry
    (or until the days the 2S has a low-cost breakout board or a hobbyist solution...)

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